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In a Nutshell

The first massage chair engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep.

Unlike other companies who say they offer FREE shipping, but charge you extra for Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, we offer shipping everywhere in the USA & Canada completely FREE without hidden fees. Warranty:

All of our chairs come with a 3 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your chair, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE. **

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Product Specifications

Model Medical Breakthrough 5™ massage chair Medical Breakthrough 6™ massage chair Medical Breakthrough 7™ massage chair Medical Breakthrough 8™ massage chair Medical Breakthrough 9plus™ massage chair
Model: Medical Breakthrough 5™ Medical Breakthrough 6™ Medical Breakthrough 7™ Medical Breakthrough 8™ Medical Breakthrough 9 Plus™
The Best Medical Massage Chair Ever Made!
Zero Gravity Sleep System™
Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan™
Head to Toe Back Massage System™
4D Massage - True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™
Lower Back Massage - Intense Lower Back Rollers
Engulfed Arm Massage System™
Quiet / No Noise
Adjustable Leg Extensions
Wheels so you can easily move the chair around.
Full Body Stretch Stretch is only for the back called rolling. Rollers move up and down to stretch your body.





Medical Breakthrough World Famous Hip Twist™
Before you buy a massage chair, ask if their massage chair
can twist your hips from side to side!



Longer massage rollers.



Shoulder Massage - Humongous Shoulder Massagers
Heat Massage - Intense Heat Therapy™
Foot Reflexology Massage System™
Custom Forming Sole Rollers™
Hand Reflexology Massage Sytem™
Full Body Reflexology Massage System™
Human Hands Massage System™
Champissage Head Massager™ Strong neck massage Strong neck massage
Chiropractic BodyTwist™ Technology Longer rollers
167 Air Cells
Extreme Customization System™
USB / MP3 / Music Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Advanced 4D Massage™
Advance Medical Care Systems™, exclusively in Medical Breakthrough 9™
Improve Cardiovascular Health*
Sleep Better*
Decrease Stress in Cancer Patients*
Promote Relaxation*
Lower Blood Pressure*
Help Chronic Neck Pain*
Reduce Chemotherapy-Related Nausea*
Enhance Exercise Performance*
Manage Low-Back Pain*
Reduce Muscle Tension*
Relieve Postoperative Pain*
Relieve Stress*
Reduce Anxiety*
Help Fibromyalgia Pain*
Relieve Tension Headaches*
Ease Symptoms of Depression*
Reduce Pain of Osteoarthritis*
Improve Balance in Older Adults*
Decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain*
Temper Effects of Dementia*
Decrease Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome*
Lower Joint Replacement Pain*
Increase Range of Motion*
Improve Quality of Life in Hospice Care*
Decrease Migraine Frequency*


Operating Voltage AC 120V, 60Hz AC 120V, 60Hz AC 120V, 60Hz AC 120V, 60Hz AC 120V, 60Hz
Recline Dimensions
Feet Down
30 wide x 32 high x 66 deep (inches) 33 wide x 30 high x 68 deep (inches) 35 wide x 37 high x 72 deep (inches) 36 wide x 32 high x 72 deep (inches) 34 wide x 31 high x 69 deep (inches)
Upright Dimensions 30 wide x 48 high x 50 deep (inches) 33 wide x 50 high x 55 deep (inches) 35 wide x 50 high x 57 deep (inches) 36 wide x 53 high x 52 deep (inches) 34 wide x 49 high x 55 deep (inches)
Weight 275 lbs 362 lbs 430 lbs 404 lbs 374 lbs


Advance Medical Care Systems™

This truly is the Ultimate Medical Breakthrough, a massage chair programmed with multiple systems to help heal your body. The Advance Medical Care Systems is made up of several systems in Breakthrough 9 developed over the past 10 years to help take care of our health on a daily basis. Daily because you will be using the chair and the Advance Medical Care Systems every single day to stay healthy. Below are just a few of the systems that make up the Advance Medical Care Systems™.

  • Exercise Me™ - Making regular trips to the gym can be exhausting, time-consuming, and may even lead to serious injury. That’s why we created the new and exciting “Exercise Me” massage mode, which was designed to give you all of the benefits you would get from regular gym visits, all from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you can remain active and healthy without risking a painful injury. Most people, especially seniors, do not get enough exercise, but with this massage, working out becomes as easy as sitting in a comfortable chair.
  • Body Circulation™ - This incredible massage mode is also known as “Stroke Prevention” because of the immense benefits it brings to your body. At Medical Breakthrough, we often have customers who suffer from countless health issues. So, we made it our mission to design and build the most medical chair in the world. With our Body Circulation Technology, we feel like we have achieved that mission. Once you have a stroke, it’s already too late. This massage is expertly designed to improve the blood flow in your body, helping prevent strokes and blood clots.
  • Posture Corrector™ - Recent studies show that poor posture is actually a huge health risk and can lead to heart disease and pain throughout the body. At Medical Breakthrough, we are dedicated to ending discomfort before it turns into pain and that’s why we developed this new massage mode. This is the first massage chair to directly help posture correction and we have worked hard to develop and create a dedicated posture massage meant to rebalance your body, improve your mobility, and fix your posture. After trying our “Posture Corrector” massage, you will stand up straighter and feel better than ever.

  • Best of all, these are just a few of the many systems built into Medical Breakthrough 9 to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. There are a few other systems that are just as good such as the Shoulder Grasp Technology™ which helps get rid of all the knots in your neck and shoulders.

    With all of these systems in Medical Breakthrough 9, the more you use the massage chair the more your body will thank you. This truly is a Medical Breakthrough.

medical breakthrough advance medical care system
medical breakthrough pain points
medical breakthrough 4d advanced massage

Advanced 4D Massage™

Until now, no other massage chair could do anything better than 4D massages. The technology stopped there until Medical Breakthrough introduced Advanced 4D Massage. The Breakthrough 9 Plus comes with the first ever Advanced 4D Massage™ technology created to closely mimic the feel and touch variations similar to a live massage therapist. With the newly engineered 4D roller system, the rollers provide an even deeper penetration into the muscles and aching joints to help your body heal and feel better with each and every massage. The 4D massage which can create a truly customizable experience giving you complete control is the most superior technology that anyone can find in a massage chair.



medical breakthrough massage chair sketch


Medical Breakthrough Reflexology Chart

While many massage chairs are starting to have Reflexology foot massage features, we are the first engineers to develop the complete Full Body Reflexology Massage Therapy™. What does that mean? That means that Medical Breakthrough is the first series of massage chairs that is engineered to specifically touch all the pain points in your body.

medical breakthrough pain touch points

By specifically hitting and triggering the pain points, your entire body will be rejuvenated. Every part of your body will feel renewed. It's an amazing feeling that's hard to describe when all of your pain points are massaged. Once you've been in a Medical Breakthrough massage chair, you will start to understand why you need to use it on a daily basis.

medical breakthrough full body reflexology medical chart

And while other massage chairs have simple reflexology foot massage functions, Medical Breakthrough is the first to have the complete Reflexology Foot Massage Therapy. This means that your feet will get massages in more ways than any other chair on the planet. You will get a massage from left to right, top to bottom and at the bottom of your foot. Air pressure will be squeezed in and out, while rollers move along the bottom to give you the most amazing feeling. As of 2016, Medical Breakthrough 7 and 8 has more massage air cells and rollers in the feet than any other branded massage chairs. Your feet will feel so much better after using it.

medical breakthrough reflexology foot side medical chart

medical breakthrough reflexology foot massage chart

Hand massages are just as important, or even more important, than foot massages because you use your hands more than your feet. That's why Medical Breakthrough 7 and 8 was made to include not just the regular hand massage, but the complete Reflexology Hand Massage Therapy. From the bottom of your palms to the top of your fingers, your hands will be massaged in many different methods to make you feel a hundred times better. This is especially great for those who use their hands a lot. If your hands feel better, your entire body will feel amazing.

medical breakthrough reflexology hand massage chart


Chiropractic BodyTwist Technology™

Breakthrough 8 is the first massage chair in the world engineered to completely twist your body from side-to-side. With BodyTwist technology you will not just sit in the chair; your body will be held in place by strong airbags while both your waist and your hips twist side-to-side. Your entire body will twist giving you an amazing stretch.

This is the only massage chair in the world with the Chropratic BodyTwist Technology™.

Aircells Systems

What makes Medical Breakthrough 8 the most powerful massage chair on the market? It has more aircells than any other massage chair in the world. With over 167 aircells, this is one of the most comfortable massage chairs on the planet. By sitting in our 167 aircells massage chair, nearly every inch of your body will get an amazing massage. You will be so relaxed and feel so comfortable and soothing that you will probably fall asleep in your first session.

medical breakthrough world famous chiropractic body twist
medical breakthrough extreme customization system

Extreme Customization System™

Some people like soft massages while others love them much stronger. Because everyone is different, it is extremely important to get a massage chair that can adjust to exactly what you want. Because of how important it is for the massage chair to adjust to your specific needs, we spent an enormous amount of time and resources developing the most extreme customization system in existence. Instead of having a 3 intensity level, Breakthrough 8 allows you to adjust between 5 levels. If you like a lighter massage you can start with 1 and move your way up to 5. In addition, you want to be able to control the speed of your massage as well. If your lower back needs a harder massage then you can increase the speed of the massage from 1 to 5 as well. Furthermore, we also allow the width between the massage hands to adjust in three positions (wide, medium and narrow). This Extreme Customization System™ allows you to get a massage that is tailored specifically to you.

USB / MP3 / Music

Breakthrough 8 is so World Famous that it comes with a USB port and a USB FLASH DRIVE filled with a relaxing aroma sound to help you fall fast asleep while getting a soothing massage. In addition, because it is just a simple flash drive, you can plug it into your computer and add your own favorite songs. Or, you can download ocean sound from the internet and feel like you’re relaxing at the beach!



Human Hand Massage System™

What's better than just getting a massage? Getting a massage by a real human masseuse and a professional stretch by a licensed chiropractor. The only problem is that getting both on a daily basis can get very expensive. But if you get them done in the comfort of your own home, then you won't have to drive to the chiropractor and the masseuse after a long day's work. But because of how important it is to get a massage and chiropractic stretch on a daily basis, we have spent a lot of time developing the most advance Human Hand Massage System™ in the world.

With our Human Hand Massage System™, you will feel like there is a real human masseuse / chiropractor in your own home who is personally massaging you and giving you a full body stretch. We have developed 6 different types of human hand massages: Kneading, Flapping, Kneading & Flapping Combined, Shiatsu, Knocking and Rolling (Back Stretch). Combining these 6 hand massages with our 100+ aircell system, and our Foot & Hand Reflexology Massage System, you will feel like your body has gotten massaged in more ways than you could ever imagine... and it really has. You will be completely renewed.

medical breakthrough human hand massage system


medical breakthrough engulfed arm massage system

Engulfed Arm Massage System™

After you try our Engulfed Arm Massage System™, you will never want to live without one. It fully covers every inch of your arms, hands, fingers and finger tips. Your arms, hands, fingers and finger tips will be massaged from top to bottom, underneath and sideways, and all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once. That's why you will feel so much better after getting your hand massage by our Engulfed Arm Massage System™.


Reflexology Foot Massage System™

Because your entire bodyweight rests on your feet every single day, it is extremely important to get a five star foot massage. That's why we have developed our Reflexology Foot Massage System™ to do just that. The reason we call it the Reflexology Foot Massage System™ is because most reflexology foot massagers do not do a good job. They only do simple reflexology foot massages which leave you wanting more.

Our one of a kind Reflexology Foot Massage System™ is the first system in the world to do a Complete Reflexology Foot Massage. What does that mean? It means every inch of your feet will be massaged in multiple different methods. It is equipped with 3 rows of rollers which covers the entire soles of the feet. The system also offers Artificial Human Scrapping Therapy Massage from the heel to the toes.

Our Reflexology Foot Massage System™ is also equipped with power-lifts that can lift your feet off the ground so you can feel a true sensation of being in space. You will feel like your foot flew off the ground and got a reflexology massage in the air. You have to try it to see how great it feels. Also, many massage chairs only have air bags in the foot massage and they do not have any rollers at the bottom. Our massage chairs have over 20 aircells in the legs and many rollers for the bottom of the feet, so you really get a massage through every inch of your feet. It feels amazing after a very long day.

medical breakthrough reflexology foot massage cycle
medical breakthrough complete  reflexology foot massage system


medical breakthrough Zero Gravity Sleep System

Zero Gravity Sleep System™

Fall asleep in our sleep system. Medical Breakthrough's Zero Gravity Sleep System™ is the first zero gravity massage chair engineered to help you literally fall asleep. It is so relaxing that you will be massaged into your sleep. Once you press the zero gravity button, the massage chair will position itself into the most optimal sleeping position possible. Then, it performs a soothing, therapeutic massage to help you literally fall asleep.


Full Body Stretch

Because of how beneficial it is for your body to stretch, we have built our Full Body Stretch function into every Medical Breakthrough massage chair. With our full body stretch, your hips will be held in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get an amazing stretch every single day with our Full Body Stretch function.

Quiet / No Noise

To help you get into a tranquil mode, we engineered the chair to be extremely quiet. We spent a lot of time to sound proof the motor so you don't hear any noise while you get a massage.

medical breakthrough massage chair Full Body Stretch System


medical breakthrough head and back massage system

Head to Toe Back Massage System™

The entire back side of your body is medically the most important side to massage. That's why we’ve spent so much time engineering each one of our Medical Breakthrough massage chairs to massage your back thoroughly from head to toe. To the right you will see a map of the pain points that each one of our breakthroughs hit on your body. These are pain touch points which makes you feel hundreds of times better when you get them massaged properly.


Humongous Shoulder Massagers

Most shoulder massage chairs on the market don’t do anything for shoulder pain. As for the ones that do, their airbags are so small that you will barely feel anything, especially if you are really tall or really short. Most companies just have them to tell people that their massage chair has shoulder massagers.

Because we have talked to so many customers and have heard so many complaints that most shoulder massage just suck, we have engineered every one of our Medical Breakthrough massage chairs to have Humongous Shoulder Massagers. They are so large, that's the only way to name them. They will cover more of your shoulders than most chairs on the planet.

medical breakthrough shoulder massagers
medical breakthrough Smart Full Body Medical Scan

Smart Full Body Medical Scan™ - Full Body Scan Technology

Many massage chair makers claim their massage chairs have body scanning features, but they really don’t. After it scans your body, their system may still massage you in the wrong places. Our Smart Medical Scan™ is very intelligent and knows where every part of your body is. In addition, we also made it very flexible since everyone likes different kinds of massages. We have engineered all Medical Breakthrough massage chairs to be able to adjust vertically so you can easily adjust everything yourself manually as well. You can adjust the vertical position of the rollers to any point on your back. You can move it upwards, downloads, and from your neck all the way to your lower back.

Intense Lower Back Rollers

Because lower back pain is one of the most common problems that our patients have, we had to really focus on finding a way to alleviate the pain. After over 30 designs, we finally came up with one of the most powerful lower back rollers on the market. We call it the Intense Lower Back Rollers because it does wonders for your lower back. Just use it one hour on a daily basis and you will feel like you have a completely new back.

Adjustable Leg Extensions

Our massage chair is designed to fit people of all heights. Whether you are 4 feet or 6 feet 5 inches tall, we have engineered the chair to match your exact height. With our adjustable leg extension, you will be able easily extend or short the leg to a position that makes you most comfortable.

medical breakthrough adjustable Leg Extensions
medical breakthrough Intense Heat Therapy

Intense Heat Therapy

What's better than getting a massage? Getting a heat massage. Unfortunately most massage chairs on the market have heat massage features that don’t really get that warm because it is difficult to warm leather massage chairs. That's why we had to totally redesign our heat massage technology. After over a year of development, we were able to engineer a heat therapy massage system that we were proud to put our name on. Our Intense Heat Therapy™ will keep you warm even on a cold day.

True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™

Most massage chairs don’t really have a 4D massage system but they say they do anyways. Many don’t even know what 4D massage really means. Our True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™ is True 4D. This means it does extreme deep tissue massages not only along your back, but also around your neck in the shape of your spine as well. The rollers will protrude outwards deep into your neck, back and lower back. You will feel like a brand new person after using our True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™.

medical breakthrough 4D Deep Tissue Massage System



What does our Human Hands Massage System massage?

Medical Breakthrough massage chairs have the largest massage coverage map. It massages more areas of the body than any massage chair ever invented. Below you can see all of the areas that Medical Breakthrough massage chairs actually massage.

medical breakthrough massage coverage


medical breakthrough full body2 massage map


What are the Medical Benefits of Breakthrough Massage Chairs?

Medical Breakthrough chairs are more than just massage chairs. They were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help make Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs possible, and the over 100+ years of combine experience they all provided, there are lots of medical benefits you will receive by using it daily.

benefits of medical breakthrough



1. How many boxes does this chair ship in?

This chair is very well made and ships in 1 box. Once you get the box, you just have to put 2 screws on each of the arms and you're done. If you need further help installing it, we have a video that we can send to you to show you how to put the chair together. Or, you can pay $450 without stairs or $550 with stairs and we can hire a white glove delivery company to come and install everything for you.

2. Can this chair plug into my regular house plug?

Yes, you can plug the chair into a regular 110 volt. It will work just fine. Just get a power surge to protect it.

3. How heavy is this chair?

This chair is 324 lbs. You will need 2 people to help you move the box. Once it is unboxed, there are wheels on the chair so you can easily move it around.

4. Will this chair twist my hips from side to side?

Yes, this chair does come with the Chropratic BodyTwist™ Technology that we're known for and will twist your hips from side to side.

5. Can I leave the massage chair plugged in all the time or will it wear the chair down?

Yes, you can leave it plugged in all the time. We have enginnered Breakthrough 9 to be just like your computer. You can leave it plugged in all the time, just turn the power off if you're not using it.

6. Does this chair work for someone 6'3" tall?

Yes it does, it is made for short and tall. There are leg extensions that can easily be pushed out to fit any height.

7. Does Breakthrough 9 recline electronically?

Yes it does, it is made for short and tall. There are leg extensions that can easily be pushed out to fit any height.

medical breakthrough frequently asked questions


To help you decide for yourself how effective Medical Breakthrough 9 is, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Breakthrough 9.

medical breakthrough review
Harry H – Valencia V

We waited 3 months for the Breakthrough 9 plus because the regular 9 was sold out, and I have to say it was well worth the wait. Most of the chairs I’ve tried in the past just weren’t good enough for my back. This one hits me in ways I didn’t know were mechanically possible. I’m grateful to be able to afford such an exquisite piece of machinery.

Charles D – Las Vegas

I’ve had the 9 plus for a couple of months now and it has changed the way I go to sleep every night. This chair is better than any other massage chair I have tried. The massage is a lot softer. I love how it feels, it's hard to describe. I wouldn't trade this chair for anything.

Kenna G - San Francisco

My husband got us this chair for our anniversary. At first, I wasn't thrilled he spent so much money, but after a week I'm happy he bought it. We have both been using the chair 2 to 3 times a day, every single day. We're older and I have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and the chair helps it feel better. I used to get a lot of migraines. Now the migraines aren't as bad. It helps me sleep better at night. It's a good buy. We should have bought something like this a long time ago. Living with pain and migraines is rough. This chair is a godsend.

Terry C –Brentwood

Ask for Mike, he helped my mom get her MB7 last May and has been helping me through the entire process. He hired 2 guys to come to my house and move my 9 plus massage chair to my living room and set everything up. He walked me through the remote and showed me how to do everything. I just want people to know that he’s amazing. I just hope they pay him well enough for all the work he does.

Susan P - Denver

I found the Medical Breakthrough 9 at one of the shows in Las Vegas. Before I bought it, I tried every massage chair at the show and this was hands down the best chair at the show. I couldn't afford to pay for everything outright, so I financed it. I got approved, and I got the chair with $0 down. They delivered the chair a month ago and I have been using it everyday. It helps me fall alseep at night. It's a great chair, I use it everynight before I go to bed. It's part of my nightly routine now.

Ted S – Torrance

After I sat in the chair at the LA county fair, I had to have it. It does such a good job massaging, we ended up getting 3 chairs. My mom and my sister had to get one. We all financed it, with 12 months no interest, no application fees, and $0 down, it was a great offer. I have a lot of pain in my back. As you get older, you have pain everywhere and this chair is good for me. Best thing I have bought this year.

Lori L – Parkersburg

The company I work for bought 15 of these chairs and put it all over the call center. It's always in use.

Joseph H – Clearwater

I use the chair everyday after work. My favorite part is the foot and arm massage. The 4D massage is nice, it even massages my toes. I used to go get a massage once a week, now I can't remember the last time I went. I like getting a massage in the Breakthrough 9 better than getting a masseuse to do it. The masseuse sometimes does it too rough. With Breakthrough 9, I can adjust everything about the chair. It is amazingly comfortable.

Tony D – Eldorado County

It's a great investment, I always see it being used. I couldn’t wait until Christmas, my partner got me one and we haven’t looked back ever since.

Rita V – Columbus

I spent 3 months researching massage chairs and I narrowed it down to Medical Breakthrough 9 plus, i-Robotics 7, and the Dreamwave. I ended up getting the Medical Breakthrough 9 plus and I'm happy I did. My brother got the I-Robotics 7 and he's very jealous of my chair. It is a lot softer and smoother. Does a much better job massage my back and it doesn't hurt me at all. His chair is extremely hard. There are more adjustable settings in the Medical Breakthrough 9 plus.


Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

From CNN, to Dr. Oz, to Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport to Dr. Brent Bauer at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, every day more and more doctors are seeing the benefits that massage therapy can provide for their patients. But because of the high cost of massage therapy and the high number of sessions needed, getting massage therapy on a daily basis proves to be too expensive for most people’s budgets. That's why we put so much of our valuable time and resources into making a Medical Breakthrough massage chair. Breakthrough 8 is a revolution in massage therapy technology. It is the first chair medically engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body and help you fall asleep.

It's made to be used on a daily basis to help improve your mind, body and health.

Doctor on CNN & Wall Street Journal

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Harvard University

Dr. Brent Bauer - Mayo Clinic

Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport Chair


Designer Showcases AROUND THE WORLD

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 01

Breakthrough 9™ in an Artwork for a Magazine Cover*

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Breakthrough 9™ in Living Room Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 03

Breakthrough 9™ in an Interior Design Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 04

Breakthrough 9™ in an Artistic Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 05

Breakthrough 9™ in an Interior Design Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 06

Breakthrough 9™ in a Living Room Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 07

Breakthrough 9™ in an Interior Design Showcase*

medical breakthrough 9plus showcase - 08

Breakthrough 9™ in a modern Showcase*

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Breakthrough 9™ in a Vintage Showcase*

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Breakthrough 9™ in a Designer's Collection*


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